Premature Ovarian Failure

For some reason, we see more premature ovarian failure infertility cases in the US than in China. POF can be a very upsetting diagnosis, because it means that a woman has stopped menstruating, even though she may only be in her 30's. Sometimes POF can be traced to a chromosomal abnormality in a woman, resulting in defective ovaries. Sometimes women in their 20's and 30's can become resistant to their own natural hormones, resulting in POF. Other causes can be pelvic surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. The good news is that Chinese medicine can be very effective for women who have premature ovarian failure infertility. In our clinic, many women conceived naturally after being told by their doctor that donor egg implants were the only option. In Chinese medicine theory, kidney yin deficiency and kidney essence deficiency are the main patterns causing premature ovarian failure infertility. Other possible patterns include kidney yang deficiency, qi deficiency and blood deficiency.