Acupuncture Infertility Clinic

Patient Testimonials

I am looking at my little boy who was just born yesterday, still in disbelief that this is all happening. I struggled for five years to conceive and finally I got my baby boy. Thank you, Wei Liu, for all of your wonderful treatments and care. You are a miracle worker.
— Katie B.
I was referred to Wei Liu by my OB/GYN doctor, Dr. Keller at Park Nicollet last year. At that time, I was 44 and had 3 miscarriages. I was under the care of three infertility specialists and had already received 6 IVF treatments and many IUI attempts. My FSH was high, AMH too low, and period was not regular. I saw Liu regularly for 4.5 months to receive acupuncture treatment and drank herbal remedies twice per day. At the end of those months, I got pregnant on my own. I was panicked about having another miscarriage and continued my treatment with Liu until my 14th week of gestation. Liu told me, “You are safe now.” I am two weeks before my due date and feel great. I hope more doctors will inform their infertility patients about acupuncture and Chinese herbs. It really works. Thank you, Liu and Dr. Keller.
— Ashley W.
Liu, I want to let you know that my daughter Nena was born on February 13. She is healthy and beautiful. Without your courage and treatments, she would not be here.
— Bridget M.
When I told my infertility doctor that I was pregnant, my doctor called it a miracle. I was told that donor eggs were the only option based on my age, failed IVF treatments, and blood tests. I found Liu and started acupuncture and herbal treatments. Now I am pregnant on my own. I am 34 weeks pregnant and feel very healthy.
— Kelsey C.
As Liu warned me, the herbs not only looked weird but also did not taste good. However, they were incredibly effective in regulating my period, and now I have begun to ovulate regularly. My hormone levels are more balanced and I feel better overall.
— Christina O.
Thank you for tailoring my acupuncture treatment and herb remedy precisely according to my menstrual cycle. It worked very well for me as I have a much better luteal phase. I could see the improvement every month since I started receiving treatments from you.
— Gail H.
I have a long history of infertility. I have traveled all over the U.S. to see infertility specialists over the past 9 years. My medical chart is a foot thick as both my husband (a physician) and I have gone through all different kinds of tests. We have numerous diagnoses, including autoimmune conditions, low egg reserve, and others, in an attempt to explain the cause of my infertility. After nine failed IVF attempts across five different clinics, I could not find another clinic that was willing to take me at age 42.

One of the infertility specialists told us about Liu and recommended us to try acupuncture. I was very impressed with Liu’s knowledge from scientific studies on acupuncture, nutrition, herbal formulas, exercise, and lifestyle changes for infertility. After 3 months of acupuncture and herbal treatments, Liu told me my imbalance was better and that my chance to get pregnant had increased, recommending me to try IVF again. We found a doctor in Michigan who attempted IVF, and I became pregnant and now have two twin boys. I wished I had met Liu earlier so I wouldn’t have had to go through nine unsuccessful IVF attempts.
— Susan K.
I had 3 IVF attempts, none of which advanced to transfer because my eggs were of poor quality and never fertilized. After 3 months of acupuncture, herbs, and dietary changes from Liu, I went to my 4th IVF attempt, and my doctor was surprised by the numbers of follicles produced (nine, or more than double what I had before). Moreover, 7 of the follicles were fertilized. My doctor told me, “I do not know what happened to you in the past few months. Your body seems young again with both good quality and quantity of eggs.” I have a daughter now and still have four high-quality embryos frozen for the future.
— Brooks Z.
After my 13th miscarriage at age 37, my doctor told me I had the world record on how many miscarriages a woman could have. I was told to give up and think about adoption. No doctor believed I could ever bear my own children. I had a consultation at Mayo Clinic and the doctor there mentioned acupuncture and Wei Liu’s name.
My daughter Vivian was born full term and I am now seeing Liu again for my second child.
Thank you Liu for your patience and efforts. I am so grateful that I am in your care.
— Lindsay P.