Luteal Phase Defect

The basic mechanism of LPD involves the body's production or utilization of the hormone progesterone. If the corpus luteum does not produce enough progesterone after the discharge of a mature ovum, the mature egg will not be able to implant properly. If the endometrium does not respond normally to increased progesterone levels, it will not be receptive to egg implantation. Either way, LPD causes recurrent spontaneous abortion and infertility problems. Western medicine treats women with recurrent pregnancy losses due to LPD with oral or vaginal progesterone supplementation. Progesterone supplementation is often used for women undergoing ovulation induction and in vitro fertilization. LPD is one of the most rewarding conditions for us to treat at our clinic because it responds so readily to acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment. We treat this type of infertility through several menstrual cycles with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. We adjust the herbal prescriptions throughout the menstrual cycle. Kidney yang deficiency is the primary Chinese medicine pattern found in most patients with LPD.